How To Make Fish Tacos

Recently, fish tacos have started to become one of the most popular types of tacos around. Not only are fish tacos easy to make, but they are also healthier to eat since fish is one of the leaner meats used as a taco filling. On this page, I will teach you how to make fish tacos at home.

What Type of Fish to Use for Fish Tacos

The first step is to decide what type of fish you want to use for your tacos. Some popular types of fish for tacos include cod, mahi mahi, halibut, red snapper or tuna. White fish is the most common type of fish used, although there are a lot of different varieties that will also taste great such as salmon tacos or swordfish tacos. My personal preference is to select a type of fish without too strong of a flavor, and one that holds together nicely when you cook it. This is especially important for making grilled fish tacos since the batter in fried fish tacos tends to hold the fish together.

fish taco1 300x225 How To Make Fish Tacos

Beer battered, deep fried fish tacos

Decide How to Cook the Fish

Once you have decided on the type of fish to use, the next step is to decide how you want to cook the fish. Grilled fish tacos tend to be healthier for you than battered and fried fish tacos are, but many people love the crispiness and flavor of battered, deep fried fish. Some other ways to cook the fish for your tacos include broiling it or boiling it (although this is mostly used for other types of seafood tacos such as shrimp tacos or scallop tacos). The type of fish you choose can influence the best way to cook it. As I mentioned above, fish that holds together works best when you’re grilling.

Choose a Fish Taco Recipe

Next, it’s time to pick the best fish taco recipe based on your type of fish and how you want to cook it. Here at we have a wide selection of fish taco recipes for you to choose from. The key part of the recipe to look at is how the fish is cooked and the different seasonings used. This is the part where fish taco recipes vary the most, and it’s important to choose a recipe that sounds like it will give you a taste you’ll enjoy. After all, the fish IS the main part of any fish taco recipe!

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Grilled fish tacos

Combine Recipes and Choose Your Toppings

Some people will choose to follow the fish taco recipe they choose step-by-step, but I enjoy mixing the best parts of different fish taco recipes. By tweaking recipes like this I’ve been able to cook some amazing fish tacos in ways I never had thought about before. An easy place to get creative with your fish tacos is the toppings you use. Some of the best toppings for fish tacos include: shredded lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes, guacamole or slices of fresh avocado, and melted cheese. It’s good to keep your fish taco toppings to flavors like these that won’t overwhelm the taste of the fish itself. By all means, feel free to add some spices to your fish tacos, but be careful not to add anything too overwhelming like a spicy salsa or that might be all you taste.

Decide What Type of Shells to Use

Finally, the last choice you need to make is the type of taco shell to use for your fish tacos. Corn tortillas work great, as well as soft flour tortillas. For a battered, deep fried fish taco filling I’ll sometimes fry some corn tortillas to use. Other times I enjoy the contrast of a soft, tortilla wrap and the crispiness of the battered, deep fried fish. For grilled fish tacos I prefer soft flour tortillas (or wheat flour tortillas).

Enjoy Your Fish Tacos!

As you can see, it’s actually quite easy to make fish tacos. There are few important choices to make such as type of fish, how to cook the fish, and what fish taco recipe to use. The best part is no matter what choices you make it’s hard to go wrong. Experiment a little with some of my suggestions above, type out a few different recipes, and I guarantee you’ll be making the best fish tacos around in no time!

- Christopher (a.k.a “Chef Chris”)