Beans As a Taco Topping and Now a Taco Filling Too


Many of the taco recipes on our site use some type of beans (black beans or refried beans usually) as a topping. They add a great flavor and also some extra nutrition with the amount of protein and fiber in them. So, to help add some options for vegetarian tacos like you’ve been asking for we have now added a bean taco recipe to our site!

That’s right, we added a simple recipe that shows you how to cook a taco filling with only beans. That means no meat and still lots of protein. Perfect for all you vegetarians out there! So, take a look at the new recipe and let us know what you think. Get creative with the beans you use in it, or try using the recipe for a topping for your nachos or another version of our tacos. If you like spice, this is a good dish to break out the hot sauces for. Leave us a comment with any variations you make and how they turn out. Now, on to the important part…

Check out the latest addition to our site: Bean Tacos Recipe

Enjoy your tacos!

- Chef Christopher

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