A Thanksgiving Treat – New Recipe to Turn Leftover Turkey into Tasty Tacos


Happy Thanksgiving! If your family is like mine, you’ll be eating lots of turkey later today. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have LOTS of leftovers. A question I’m frequently asked is, “how can I make a dish using my leftover turkey?” It’s a good question, and I have a great answer for you today: turkey tacos!

That’s right, you can use leftover turkey meat and create a delicious meal for your whole family. The best part is this recipe is so easy it won’t take you much time to prepare (which I know is VERY important to me after all the cooking I’ll be doing for Thanksgiving itself). I’ve purposely made it simple to cook, and I promise you’ll enjoy the taste. Also, feel free to double or triple this recipe. The filling can be saved as a leftover and used as a nacho topping or as a layer in your burritos. So, without further ado, here is my recipe for turkey tacos:

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